I was introduced to the world of Oriental Medicine in small bits throughout my life. As a child, whenever I or any of my little sisters were sick, my parents would cover our backs with herbal oil and gently scrape our skin until a warm redness rose up. I always felt better afterwards, and healed up quickly soon thereafter. “Cao Gio”, or “scratching the wind”, was what they would call it. I did not know it at the time, but this at-home treatment was just one part of a larger body of ancient medical knowledge.

Later in my twenties, I went through a years-long battle with debilitating back pain. It was a very difficult time in my life, one that gave me great compassion for those who live with pain, sickness, and discomfort. I could not sleep well or carry anything, and sitting or standing for more than about ten minutes became too much to bear. This was when I was again exposed to, and found tremendous relief through, Oriental Medicine -- this time acupuncture. After having this profound healing experience, I knew I wanted to share the possibilities available in this ancient healing art.

I had earned my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from California State University, Hayward. My new path would take me to the very different realm of the biological sciences. I found myself back in school at the second oldest Oriental Medicine college in the United States, the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Services in Oakland, California. There I graduated with my Masters of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I enjoy singing karaoke, dancing to my own beat, gardening in the sunshine, crafting when I am inspired, laughing with friends over a cup of tea, and taking long walks with my husband in the city and through life. I love animals and flowers. I also love to spend time continuing the in-depth study of Oriental Medicine, the Mandarin Chinese language, and green/appropriate technologies.

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